Greg Finch

"Heaven Bound"

"I'd like to thank God's Country Promotions for doing exactly what they say they will do for the Artists that they represent.  I've known Doug Hudson for about three weeks now.  For a nominal fee, He will place your song in front of DJ's.  The reviews are exceptional.  In my first week, I've been on four different charts!  Wow, is all that I can say.  Thank you Doug Hudson and God's Country Promotions.  May God continue to bless you."

Charlie May


I'm truly grateful for Doug Hudson and God's Country Promotions and for all of his hard work in getting my songs out to radio.  Over the years, I've had numerous songs that charted.  I even had a #1 song with "You'll Always Be The Love Of My Life".  I have known Doug for around twenty years and know how dedicated that he is to his artists.  If you're an artists and need someone to promote your songs then I highly recommend Doug and God's Country Promotions. 

Isaiah 61

"The Lord came through"

Doug and God's Country Promotions are wonderful to work with.  They are very professional and work very, very hard for the groups that they represent.

Juell Fant

"Hand OUT"

 A friend of mine introduced me to God's Country and It has been such a blessing to me.  I joined up to have my song promoted and Doug has done what he said he would do by promoting my song "Hand Out"

Since promotion started my song has rose to top 10.  Thank you Doug for doing all and more that you said you would do.  You are a top promoter Doug and I know God has sent you to me.

God bless you.